Blog Cheat Sheet | 50 Blog Prompts and Ideas

Blog Cheat Sheet | 50 Blog Prompts and Ideas

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Have you ever sat down to blog a client session and the words just aren't there? I've been there. I used to be the girl that blogged "The Johnson family is so cute. See for yourselves" every single post.

That was until I learned I needed to actually write words to keep people interested and boost my SEO. For over five years I have been blogging 3-6 per week every week with 300+ words per post. Do I run out of things to say? Sometimes. But now I have a great list of questions to keep each client session interesting and engaging for my clients and followers.

This Blog Cheat Sheet includes:

  • 10 Blog Post Ideas for Personal Posts

  • 10 Blog Post Ideas for Business Posts

  • 10 Blog Ideas for Educational Posts

  • 20 Blog Prompts for Client Posts

Not only do you have a cheat sheet for blogging client sessions, but 30 weeks of amazing content to get your blog off the ground.