Photography Business Record Keeping Spreadsheets

Photography Business Record Keeping Spreadsheets

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How many sessions or weddings did you take last year? Which one was the most profitable? How much money did you make? How much money did you spend? Did you spend most of your money on equipment, or education, or office expenses?

If these questions are difficult to answer, it’s time to get organized with your accounting. It’s hard to track your business progress if you have no idea where they money is coming from or going. You don’t have to be an accountant or mathematician to keep good records.


Each week I track my expenses and income into these photography spreadsheets. It includes:

  • Monthly Expenses Spreadsheets
  • Monthly Income Spreadsheets for Weddings, Portrait Sessions and Product Sales
  • Yearly Gross, Net & Expenses Average
  • Yearly Wedding, Portrait, Product Average
  • Includes Client Database: Names, Session Dates, Locations, Address, etc

Keep track of your clients and finances all in one place. An easy document to take to your accountant at the end of each quarter or year.

Photography Spreadsheets Download includes Numbers & Excel spreadsheets.