Digital | Printable Photography Planner

Digital | Printable Photography Planner

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Get on top of your photography business by organizing your calendar, clients, workflow, blogging schedule, yearly reporting and daily to-do-lists all in one place! The best part is -the dates are left blank so you don”t need to wait for another January to get on top of your business. The Photographer Planner has it all:

– 13 Blank Monthly Spreads
– 13 Blank Blogging Calendars
– 5 Blank Daily/Weekly Spreads per Month
– Yearly social media stats chart
– Yearly reporting chart
– 2 pages to record your client database
– 2 Pages to record your workflow
– Notes Section
– Over 160 pages!!


Print it Yourself

Here’s the deal guys. I have these AMAZING and adorable planners that I made last year for myself to fit all my OCD needs. After I posted mine, everyone else wanted one so I sent a huge order into staples and sold the digital, and bound versions. This year I’m going to save us all money and share a new trick I learned. Buy the digital download, print it at home, take it to your local copy center to be bound and spend only $5 to have a beautifully bound 168 page planner. Woah. Details on the planner below or buy the download here for more than 50% off today!