KA 90-Day Marketing Subscription

KA 90-Day Marketing Subscription

90 Days of New Marketing Prompts starting on August 1!!!!

Photographers will be emailed one action step to market their business every day for 90 days. Prompts will focus on building online presence, blogging, improving Pinterest strategy, getting to the top of Google search, starting an email list and more.

Some of the action steps will take 5 minutes and little brain power, and some may take hours and push you into new places. The prompts are simple, but relevant for beginners and bigwigs! In fact, I will be challenging myself to follow the 90 Day Marketing Subscription as well.

If you're too busy, under-booked or just unorganized, this is MADE FOR YOU! 

Included in this 90-Day Marketing Subscription:

  • Getting Started Checklist: The Essentials for Marketing Your Business Online 
  • 90 Marketing Prompts Sent Daily via Email that will Guarantee Results!
  • An Exclusive Accountability Group on Facebook! A great place to hold yourself accountable, share ideas and see how other people are taking each challenge.

The 90-Day Marketing Subscription solves the most common marketing problems I see.

  • 1. People don't have time for marketing. 
  • 2. People don't have any idea what they should be doing for marketing 
  • 3. People don't realize marketing is so simple.
  • 4. People don't have time or money to take marketing courses or invest in education...or they have and they don't even have time to watch it. 
  • 5.People have taken all the courses but don't know how to implement.

This 90-Day Subscription is designed for the photographers that don't have time or don't know what they should be doing. It's a daily plan to grow your business.  It will be most beneficial to BUSY business owners that would love to continue to expand their business but don't have a lot of time to spend creating a plan.


Learn the skills you need to grow your business and create marketing habits that will last beyond three months. Imagine where your business will be in 90 days if you focused on it EVERY day. 

Launch Day

Today I am launching my most favorite KA Product of all time. It's accessible, affordable and SIMPLE! Introducing the 90 day subscription plan to get your marketing working while you sleep. A Marketing Plan for Photographers that doesn't involve watching hours of education and figuring out what to do next!

This Marketing blueprint makes Marketing EASY for you and for me. 

Here is our plan! Simply check your email, follow the prompt and watch your business grow...while learning new tricks and establishing incredible habits. Already know what you're doing? I get it. But creating a marketing plan takes sooo much time. Trust me I just created my 90 day plan ;)

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS 90 Day Subscription if you’re not ready to be pushed. This requires 5 min-1 hour of attention on your business EVERY day for 90 days.